Grimstrup Maskiner’s history

The company Grimstrup Maskiner was founded by Hans Højrup in 1967. Hans Højrup was trained as a blacksmith in Skjoldborg, and continued for half a dozen years at Smeden in Endrup. One day the blacksmith in Skjoldborg was visited by the fishing master from Endrup Dambrug. He wanted the blacksmith to construct a fish feeding machine. At that time, the fish in the fish farms were demanded with junk fish, which was chopped to pieces and thrown into the ponds with a shovel. It was an incredibly hard job. According to Hans Højrup, many fish farms used up to 10 tonnes of feed a day.

The blacksmith in Endrup was not keen on the task, but it was Hans Højrup. At home in the garage, Hans Højrup set up and started making the machine. After a demonstration in Sig, where many fish farm owners came, Hans Højrup received an order for several fish feed machine shop. From there it went incredibly fast.

In 1968, the factory was built

In October 1968, Hans Højrup built the factory in Grimstrup. Hans Højrup was always the first with everything that was produced over the years. He invented it at the request of the customers and that is how the company has always done. The inventive blacksmith was e.g. the first to develop a fish snail. The solution was patented and sold in large numbers throughout Europe even to Russia.

The sons, Jan and Per Højrup, took over the company in 1993 and have remained in the same niche. Jan was responsible for design, sales, development and management, but years ago he fell ill. Therefore, a generational change became necessary.

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